with us, you can earn below values
value 1  quick response & efficient communication
value 2  more than one factory sources and offers
value 3  order follow-up & production feedback
value 4  quality inspection and packaging check
value 5  consolidation and sea/air shipping service
value 6  visa invitation letter and trip itinerary
value 7  mutual trust contributes to you and us


Have you ever met any of the following concerns? If your YES is over five, let us help you!


During purchasing:

1. How to find a reliable factory with good quality and reasonable price?

2. Why the contact information on the factory's website is invalid?

3. How can they be so slow to response just a question?

4. Their price is good, but how about their factory, especially the quality?

5. "Sorry, I do not understand your language?"

6. Why prices are so different? Who I can trust?

7. Can I pay to a new supplier directly before getting goods? 

8. How is the status of my production?

9. Can you send me goods pictures for double check before shipping?

10. Who can help me to consolidate my goods from different suppliers?

11. What documents are needed to get my goods from China Customs?

12. Can I still reach the factory if there is any problem after getting goods?


During visiting:

1. Who can arrange the invitation letter for my China Visa?

2. Can they arrange my trip schedule, like hotels? 

3. How to buy train ticket or bus ticket in China for transportation? 

4. Can they understand me well?

5. Where can I enjoy a home-style dinner?

6. I want to buy some souvenirs for family, where I can get good ones?